Value Addition Programs

Peer Counselling

Co-counselling is a grass root, low-cost method of personal change based on reciprocal peer counselling. It follows a very simple method that can be seen as a refinement of "you tell me your problems and I'll tell you mine". Peer counselling course aims to equip people with the skills to empower others to use their inner strengths. The skills-based course is grounded in person-centered principles, which is a unique phenomenological world.

Carl Rogers(1902-1987), a famous American Psychologist describes counselling as a process of freeing a person and removing obstacles so that normal growth and development can proceed and the person can become more independent and self-directed. He believed that the client knows what hurts, what directions to go, what problems are crucial, what experiences have been buried. During counselling, the client can move from rigidity of self-perception to fluidity. Certain conditions are necessary for this process. A 'growth promoting climate' requires the counsellor to be congruent, have unconditional positive regard for the person as well as show empathic understanding. Congruence on the part of the counsellor refers to her / his ability to be completely genuine, whatever the self of the moment.