B.A. (Psychology, Journalism, Women Studies)

Brief Syllabus

Semester 1: Introduction to communication and media

Semester 2: Print Media

Semester 3: Audio Visual Media

Semester 4: Media Laws

Semester 5: Reporting, Editing

Semester 6: Media Management, Advertising and Public Relation

Semester 7: Media Issues and Themes, News Writing and Reporting, News Processing and Editing, Business Journalism, Media Laws, Regulation & Ethics Introduction to Communication and Ethics, Practical Report Writing

Semester 8: Communication Theories, Development Communication, Environmental Communication, Communication Research Methods, Radio Broadcasting, Lab Journal Production/ TV Production

Semester 1: Basic Psychological Processes I, Practicals I

Semester 2: Basic Psychological Processes II, Practicals II

Semester 3: Child Psychology I or Developmental Psychology I, Practicals III

Semester 4: Child Psychology II or Developmental Psychology II, Practicals IV

Semester 5: Counselling Psychology I or Health Psychology I or Social Psychology I or Industrial and Organizational Psychology I or Educational Psychology I or Abnormal Psychology I, Practicals V and VI

Semester 6: Counselling Psychology II or Health Psychology II or Social Psychology II or Industrial and Organizational Psychology II or Educational Psychology II or Abnormal Psychology II, Practicals VII and VIII

Semester 7: Theoretical Perspectives of Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Biopsychology, Research Methods, Practicals 1: Experimental Psychology, Practicals 2: Computer Applications, Soft Core Paper: Psychometry

Semester 8: Personality Psychology, Counselling and Guidance, Child Psychopathology, Qualitative Research Methods, Practicals: Child Assessment and Intervention, Project Work, Soft Core Paper: Theories of Learning.

Women's Studies
Semester 1: Gender and Society

Semester 2: Emergence of Women's Studies in India and abroad

Semester 3: Representation of Women in Culture and Media

Semester 4: Research from feminist perspective

Semester 5: Fundamentals of Feminist Theory, Gender Issues in India

Semester 6: Capacity Building for Women in India, Gender Development and Globalization.

Semester 7: Introduction to Women's Studies, Feminist Theories - Part 1, Research Methodology, Gender Culture and Society, Women's Movement, Women and Health, Policies and Program on Women's Development in India (Soft Core)

Semester 8: Locating Women in History, Women and Literature, Assertion of Women's Right, Gender and Environment, Understanding Empowerment and Development from Feminist Perspective, Project Work, Computer Application and Statistical Method

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UG Courses
• B.A. Psychology, Marketing,

• B.A. (Psychology, Journalism,
  Women Studies)

• B.A. (Psychology, Journalism,
  Optional English)

PG Courses
• M.Sc.(Psychology)
• M.Sc.(Psychological

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