Children?s Day Outreach Programme

Date: 12th-16th November 2018

On the occasion of Children?s Day, Indian Institute of Psychology and Research (IIPR) organised an Outreach Programme for underprivileged children in various locations and institutes. The postgraduate students of IIPR went around the city to hold activities and distribute presents to the children. The program was covered over a period of four days, from 12th November, 2018 to 16th November, 2018.

Nine final year students of M.Sc Psychological Counseling gathered at Semeria Bhavan, Sarjapura, to have a fun-filled day, inclusive of games, action songs and spending some quality time with the children.

The final year students of M.Sc Psychology went to Providence School, in order to interact with 5th standard children. The programme was held on 16th November from 3:00 to 3:30 PM. Students sat down as a part of the classroom with the children. Several games such as ?Simon says? and outdoor games were played.

From first year MSc Psychology class, 13 students visited Juvenile Observation Home, Madiwala from 12thNovember, 2018 to 15th November 2018. The Students organised various events such as dancing, singing and ramp walk for the people in observation home and taught them these activities for 3 days. On 15th November, a Children?s Programme was organised by the Observation Home where they performed all these activities in front of their fellow mates, judges, coordinators and some students and staff from IIPR College. The organizers were applauded the efforts of our students as it also allowed our student to have a ?beyond the the classroom learning experience.?

12 Postgraduate students went to Makkala Jeevodaya (an orphanage for girls) to enrich their Children's Day experience. The children were extremely enthusiastic and in took part in games such as ?bombing the city?, ?Musical chairs? and ?Tug of War?. After an hour full of games, the children were given their refreshments.

A group of 10 students went to visit the children at Desire Society, a home for kids with HIV/AIDS. A number of games were played, along with artwork and bonding sessions with the children. Refreshments, and gifts were distributed at the end of the day.

A group of 18 students from final year MSc Psychology Counselling visited the Kidwai children?s ward for the occasion. They were given permission to use a part of the centre with the kids to play with. A group of 4 from the 18 students, to visited those children who were not able to leave their beds due to medical reasons. They went from bed to bed, to hand over the gifts, meanwhile the group at the corner played with the children present, with activities such as ?Ring A Ring O? Roses?, rhymes, and ?London London statue?.

Eight students met at Aashanilaya (an orphanage) at 3.30pm, gifted them with stationery and chocolates. A guest magician was also invited to perform for the kids.

Many small batches of students from 1st year went to the streets and low socio-economic areas near Madiwala, Ayyappa Temple and Jogi streets. The children were each given a packet of chocos, and even showed off their dance skills. Upon returning to college, students found three other kids waiting near the church gate, who were also given eatables. There was mutual interaction and the children were pleased with the presents.

Every student who was a part of this program had a great experience and the exposure was very helpful for the students to grow and learn.


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