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Due to globalization and its effect on lifestyle there is a change in personal, family and social functioning. The challenges faced in workplace as well as day to day life causes stress among people which prolonged can ultimately affect their health. This further affects their interpersonal relationship and quality of life. Each individual across age groups and background may face problems at some point of time in their life. However some may be able to overcome or solve the problem by themselves and others may require professional help to get an insight into their problem and find a solution. Therefore, there is a growing need for individuals to find an approachable, serene, and at the same time a professional avenue where they can talk about issues or problems that are of concern to them which may have an impact on their Quality of Life. The Indian Institute of Psychology and Research Counselling Centre is one such platform where individuals from all walks of life, can approach the qualified, experienced and skilled team of Psychologists & Counsellors.

Range of Psychological issues addressed
IIPR Counselling Centre recognizes that Psychological issues can stem from various sources and the scope and nature of the problem/distress differs among individuals. These are the range of problems that the centre addresses to

• Stress Management
• Learning Disability
• Parenting Style
• Substance Abuse
• Communication & Interpersonal
• Behavioural Problems
• Neuro Psychology Related
• Anxiety Related Problems
• Crisis Intervention
• Personal Growth
• Child Related Disorders
• Couple and Family Counselling
• Poor Academic Achievement
• Sleep Related Disorders
• Child and Women Abuse
• Psychosomatic Related Problems
Services offered
The Counselling Centre offers Individual, Couple, Family and Group Psychotherapy to clients with a wide variety of psychological issues. Dedicated and well qualified psychologists provide tailor made therapy to the client to manage their psychological distress. Psychological techniques such as the ones mentioned below are provided depending on the needs of the client.

• Client - centred therapy
• Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
• Stress Management
• Psycho-social Education
• Yoga therapy
• Neuro Linguistic Programme
• Psychodynamic Therapy
• Behaviour Modification
• Hypnotherapy
• Relaxation Techniques
• Meditation
• Rational Emotive Behavioural
The goal is to deliver intervention which will be of greatest benefit to the client to relieve their psychological distress and improve Quality of Life. The centre prides itself for its professionalism, confidentiality and high-quality care.

Counselling Centre Timings:
Monday to Saturday ( Sunday Closed )
Morning - 9 : 00 am to 6 : 00 pm

Consultation given on Appointment Basis only
For Appointment Contact:
Phone: 080 - 41307111
Email: contact@iipr.in


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