World Suicide Prevention Day: Street play on ?Work together to prevent suicide? Teacher-in-charge: SWO

Date:11th September 2018

In the purview of the World Suicide Prevention Day, there was street play competition ?Working Together to Prevent Suicide? conducted for every class of UG and PG. On Tuesday, 11th of September at 2:00 pm, the student of IIPR conducted the street play competition on account of awareness of the suicide prevention programme. The programme started at 2:00 pm which was held at the College Campus area outside the TAALA building. The emcees for the programme were Daiti Baindur of 1 PJW and Valerina Rodricks of 3 MPS. The judges of the street play competitions were Dr Geetha Appachu, former head of the Department of Psychology from Christ University and Dr. Sunitha K Damodar, the Coordinator of Academics from IIPR. Later, all the students and faculty along with the management moved to the auditorium. In the auditorium, the winners of the street play competition were announced. Dr.Geetha gave a small speech the awareness of u. Later, the announcement of winners for various competitions which was held on 5th of September was announced. Winners of both UG and PG for poster making, collage making, photography, sketching, wallmag, cartooning. Literary events for UG, conducted earlier,winners were also announced for English Micro Tales, English short story writing, English poetry writing, Kannada poetry writing, Hindi poetry writing.

Winners of Street play competitions were also announced by Dr.Sunitha Damodar which is as follows:
PG : 1st Place : 1 MPC
2nd Place : 3 MPS
UG : 1st Place: 3 PJW
2nd Place: 5 PJW
3rd Place: 3 PJO

The programme ended with a Vote of thanks by Eliza Dion, the President of Student Council of UG and Nirmal Gopakumar, the Secretary of the Student Council of PG. There was a choir team which consisted of PG and UG students singing ?Stand by me? and ?Heal the world?.


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• B.A. Psychology, Marketing,

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• B.A. (Psychology, Journalism,
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• M.Sc.(Psychology)
• M.Sc.(Psychological

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