Student?s Day 2018

Date: 6th October 2018

Student?s Day was conducted on 6th October 2018, Saturday with the objective of giving students a day away from the rigorous academic routine and promote camaraderie. The celebration started with a formal welcome to the dignitaries and the gathering by the UG and PG Student Council Presidents. It was followed by the college prayer. Principal Dr Elizabeth Jasmine and Vice President Brother Tommy addressed the crowd and then the torch relay took place.

The torch relay consisted of the o?ce bearers of the UG and PG Student Council, starting the relay from the UG President Eliza Dion, who passed the torch to the next member and finally reaches the PG Student Council President Rajul Jagdish Shah, and then joining her after, Eliza Dion, lighted the lamp together at the end.

The referee Mr Anand, and briefed upon the events for the day, the games began. The matches were held between the di?erent years in UG and PG. There were 4 games; Throwball, Basketball, Dodgeball and Kho-kho.

The first event of the day was Throwball. The first match was between the 2nd year UG and 3rd year UG. The 2nd year students won two out of three sets. In the next match, the 1st year PG students won both the sets against the 2nd year PG students. The last match was against the 1st year and 3rd year UG and the 1st years won both the sets.

The second event of the day was Kho-kho. The first match was held between 2nd year UG and 3rd year UG. The 3rd years won the match. In the PG match, the 2nd year PG dominated the game and won the match. In the last match, 1st year UG won against 2nd year UG.

The third event of the day was Basketball. The first match was UG 1st year versus UG 3rd year. The 1st years won the match. The second match was in the PG section, where the 1st years won against the 2nd years. The third match was 2nd year UG versus 3rd year UG. The 3rd years won the match.

The last event of the day was Dodgeball. The first match was held between the 3rd year UG and 2nd year UG. The 3rd year UG won the match. In the second match, 1st year PG won against 2nd year PG. The last match was won by the 1st year UG against the 2nd year UG.

There were fillers and small games to keep the students who did not participate occupied. Food stalls were set up, with a variety of di?erent foods prepared by the students of both UG and PG.

The highlight match of the day was a surprise Throwball match between the teachers and the 3rd year UG students. The students won the match but it a moment to cherish.

The Student?s Day went as planned. The student?s enjoyed a day o? of college work and played to their heart?s content. There was maximum participation from all classes. The day ended with a vote of thanks. The valedictory programme was deferred to the 10th of October.


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