• St. Anthony's Friary, #85, Hosur Road, (Near Madiwala Check Post), Bangalore-560095

IIPR aims to encourage, support and assist research scholars and students pursuing research at varied levels- MPhil/PhD/Dissertation and Projects- from different Universities/research institutes

The broad area considered for the Research assistance Programmes are-
1. Assistance in developing Research Proposals
2. Quantitative data analysis using SPSS
3. Qualitative data analysis
4. Tool Development and Standardization
5. Thesis writing assistance and APA styling
6. Plagiarism Check and Reports
The nature of support is based on the requirements of each scholar. The support offered by IIPR is temporary and is limited to the area of expertise of the faculty of IIPR.

Fee Structure:
The fee structure will vary based on the nature of logistic support required by the student/research scholar.

For Further DetailsContact:
Phone: 080 - 41307111
Email: researchsupport@iipr.in